Italy will have a national action plan against youth unemployement in place before the issue is addressed at next June’s summit of european union leaders. The national statistical agency Istat reported that youth unemployment in recession hit italy reached 41.9% in the first quarter of 2013, the highest since the first quarter of 1977.

The measures are expected to involve tax incentives for companies hiring young employees that would specifically target southern regions, where youth unemployment rose above 50% in the first quarter of this year.Writing on the Financial Times recently Letta has stressed how important is to keep the youth unemployement issue at the top of the Eu Agenda.

The Prime minister has pointed out that almost 15m Europeans below the age of 30 are neither in employment, nor in education or training. In total this corresponds to a midsized EU country. In Italy they number 2.2m – almost one in four young people.Mr. Letta described the problem as the result of years of bad policies aimed at defending those who had already entered the job market, while forgetting those struggling to join it.Italy is pushing for European leaders to agree to speed up a €6 billion youth job guarantee program scheduled to go into effect in the next seven years.


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