Newly appointed Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti will raise the issue of two Italian marines at a meeting of NATO defense ministers Wednesday and Thursday.

Massimiliano Girone and Salvatore Latorre are facing trial in India for allegedly killing two Indian fishermen during an anti-piracy mission in 2012.

Ever since there has been a dispute between the two countries on where the two marines should be tried. Italy is trying to persuade the Indian government to release the two men and send them back to italy.

And yesterday, the Indian foreign ministry said that the two marines will still be tried in India.

Premier Matteo Renzi has said bringing the marines home is a priority for his new government, arguing they have been in India ”too long” and describing the affair as ”absurd”.

Prosecutors in New Delhi on Monday told the supreme court that they were in favor of dropping a request for the marines to be prosecuted under an anti-terrorism and anti-piracy law.

The possible application of the anti-terrorism law in this case caused major diplomatic tensions between the two nations, with Rome saying it equated Italy to a terrorist State.



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