The news has been widely covered all over the world in particular by the English press. A Russian online news website (Km.ru) has even compared the case of Veneto to what has recently happened in Crimea.

Over 89 percent of residents in Italy’s Veneto region have voted in an unofficial referendum in favour of independence from the rest of the country as Venetians seek to restore the glory of the old days by creating a state of their own.

Over two million residents of Veneto – the region of Italy surrounding Venice – took part in the so-called ‘Veneto independence referendum’ that lasted from Sunday to Friday. The survey, conducted online and backed by the region’s independence parties, has no legal power but aims to gather support for a bill calling for a referendum.

Though opponents described the poll on Twitter as “total madness,” supporters believe in a new, independent Republic of Veneto. They say the region would be inspired by the ancient Republic of Venice.

Veneto’s President Luca Zaia – who supports the independence movement – said the region is tired of the lack of respect from Rome.

And interesting enough it seems that this pro – secession mood has also reached Sardina. The Canton Marittimo movement wants Rome to sell the island to the Swiss. According to this minority of people independence is the island best chance of success.

The fact that Switzerland is not Europe is a plus according to these italians since they no longer believe in Brussels’ ability to deliver the dream both economic and cultural they once thought it could.

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