We have already been speaking about the fact that over 89 percent of residents in Italy’s Veneto region have voted in an unofficial referendum in favour of independence from the rest of the country.

Well in the last hours what seemed to be an innocent poll has become nearly an insurrection. 24 people have been arrested as they were planning military action to obtain independence for the region.

Among the arrested there was also former MP Rocchetta, the founder of Liga Veneta a separatist party. It’s interesting to note that the separatists wanted to act under the umbrella of the “Alleanza” movement, that reunites different groups that want to seek independece from the Italian State.

Inside Alleanza there are also people from Sardinia. The island seems to share the same intention. The Canton Marittimo movement wants Rome to sell the island to the Swiss. According to this minority of people independence is the island best chance of success.

Mainly because Switzerland is not Europe as these Italians no longer believe in Brussels’ ability to deliver the dream both economic and cultural they once thought it could.

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