This is a very significant week in terms of diplomatic efforts to find a a way out of the Ukraine’s crisis

Western leaders meeting in Brussels last night sought to build on a successful Ukranian presidential elections to push for a settlement between Moscow and Kiev.

On this occasion Obama has attacked Russia’s “dark tacticts”

We know that Obama has met in Warsaw on wedensday with Ukraine’s new President Mr Poroshenko to discuss his plan for peace and how the US can give support.

He pledged the US would provide new support as Ukraine’s fragile government seeks a path out of crisis.

Barack Obama has also promised a billion-dollar military programme of reinforcements (to boost deployment and exercise) in Europe to reassure east European countries at the Kremlin’s expansionist ambitions following the Ukraine crisis.

Senior European officials said that while economic sanctions against Russia remained “in preparation”, the emphasis had shifted to diplomacy since last week’s presidential elections in Ukraine. The focus of the talks over the next few days would be to encourage direct negotiations between Moscow and Kiev.

Several top Russian officials expressed Moscow’s willingness to cooperate with the newly elected president, Petro Poroshenko

By Friday, western leaders will be in Paris and on the Normandy beaches for the D-day 70th anniversary, with Putin in attendance – meeting western leaders for the first time since the Ukraine crisis erupted in February.This is when Putin is due to see Obama, a long awaited meeting considering that there were rumours according to which the Us President was not willing to meet Putin.

While these talks are taking place the death toll increases in the eastern part of the country. In the last 48 hours 300 filo Russian separatists have been killed and around 500 have been injured.

To me, it’s clear that the Ukraine’s crisis is becoming more a more a confrontation between two countries and two powers Us on one side and Russia on the other.

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