The Islamic State and how is the international community responding

Speaking in Estonia President Barack Obama has said the US will not be intimidated, after Islamic State militants released a video showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

Another US journalist, James Foley, was similarly killed last month

Separately, the UK held a Cobra meeting yesterday after threats to kill a British hostage who was also shown in the latest video.

US National Security Council spokesperson said that US intelligence agents had “analysed the video and concluded that it is authentic”.

David Cameron has vowed that Islamic State (Isis) will “be squeezed out of existence”. He promised to build a coalition in the region against it that cannot be mistaken for a western-led intervention. Both Tory and Lib Dem see both a moral and a legal case for air strikes in Iraq provided they are requested by the Iraqi government.

The government is very cautious as it doesnt want to repeat what happened with the intervention in Iraq.

Mr. Cameron has aso announced plans to tighten security measures against British citizens that are involved in terrorist activities that are moving in and out of the country.

Details of the scale of the coalition response are ti be discussed at Nato‘s meeting in Newport, Wales, over the next three days, including a meeting of the five leading Nato powers on Friday morning.

The main focus of the Nato Wales summit will be the Ukraine crisis, Afghanistan and the threat posed by the Islamic State after the release of this latest video

Britain will discuss a range of military options for tackling Islamic State (Isis) with the US at the Nato summit, opening in Wales on Thursday, ranging from joining in air attacks in Iraq and possibly Syria, to providing more arms to the Kurds and Iraqi government forces fighting them on the ground.

The British military will also discuss internally and with its US counterparts, following their own failed attempt last month, the realistic chances of special forces mounting a rescue operation to save the Briton threatened by Isis with beheading.

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