The waste of EU funds. Italian newspaper La Repubblica publishes an interesting investigation on how these funds have not been used by Italy

The total amounts to roughly 12 billion euros that haven’t been spent so far and that the government should employ within 2015. The money had been made available by the Eu to help the weakiest economies across Europe.

By doing so Italy places itself at the bottom of the chart among the other european countries who badly employed the funds.

According to La Repubblica’s investigation, It seems that of the initial sum which was around 30 billion euros, only the 58 % had been spent back in july. Now in a country where the government and all political parties are trying all they can to boost economy and attract ivestments this waste can only sound as a scandal.

Some rightly argue that this money could have been spent to provide the appropiate resources to prevent enviromental disasters like what happened in Genova and the recent floodings.

Some argue that the problem lies in the lack of the poorly skilled people that should be in charge of managing the funds on behalf of the italian government, most fo these don’t even speak english and don’t even know how to set out the right spending plan. Other say that the issue is burocracy and the fact that it’s incredibly slow. Once you get the money it’s so hard to employ it because of problems with the burocracy.

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