The waste of EU funds. Italian newspaper La Repubblica publishes an interesting investigation on how these funds have not been used by Italy

The total amounts to roughly 12 billion euros that haven’t been spent so far and that the government should employ within 2015. The money had been made available by the Eu to help the weakiest economies across Europe.

By doing so Italy places itself at the bottom of the chart among the other european countries who badly employed the funds.

According to La Repubblica’s investigation, It seems that of the initial sum which was around 30 billion euros, only the 58 % had been spent back in july. Now in a country where the government and all political parties are trying all they can to boost economy and attract ivestments this waste can only sound as a scandal.

Some rightly argue that this money could have been spent to provide the appropiate resources to prevent enviromental disasters like what happened in Genova and the recent floodings.

Some argue that the problem lies in the lack of the poorly skilled people that should be in charge of managing the funds on behalf of the italian government, most fo these don’t even speak english and don’t even know how to set out the right spending plan. Other say that the issue is burocracy and the fact that it’s incredibly slow. Once you get the money it’s so hard to employ it because of problems with the burocracy.

The Islamic State piles pressure on Baghdad

Islamic State militants have targeted the Iraq capital Baghad in a new wave of car bombs attacks.In the latest developments the (IS) militant group has been driven out of most of the northern Syrian town of Kobane

As we know the situation changes hour by hour. US-led air strikes have helped push back the militants, with another 14 conducted over the past 24 hours.

This is also possible thanks to Kurdish forces that moved along with the Us led invasion. These Kurdish fighters as we know it are affiiated to the PKK the Kurdistan Workers’ Party which represent around 25% of the Turkish propulation.

They are the enemies of Turkey’s central government as they have been fighting for their autnomy. They want to join fellow fighters in Syria.

But Turkey It has refused to allow free movement for fighters and supplies in and out of the city and has been reluctant to let US forces use its Incirlik air base.

As we know it there is an ongoing crisis in Turkey and that’s why the attention is shifting over there now. It’s interesting to point out how Turkey’s role has become quite controversial.

Some of the fighting is among Kurds, between Turkey’s Islamist Hezbollah group – which backs Islamic State (IS) – and supporters of the PKK, the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is vehemently opposed to IS militants.

The latest on Ebola


The World Health Organization is to “ramp up” efforts to prevent Ebola spreading beyond the three countries most affected by the deadly virus.

15 African countries are being prioritised.

They will receive more help in areas including prevention and protection.

The WHO said the introduction of Ebola in the US and elsewhere was a matter of concern, but a major outbreak was unlikely given the strength of health systems in the West.

The Us President Barack Obama sounded quite worried when he called for an emergency meeting last wed, after it was announced a second nurse had been infected with the virus after the Eric Duncan died of ebola.

European health ministers met yesterday to assess the situation after it was announced ther could be a possible new case in Paris.

It’s quite interesting to note how much media has been speculating on this, this is something that reminds us of the spread of the swine flu for example. Certainly social media has a role in this. In the Us someone has criticised the way journalists have been reportng on this.

Intersting to think that the Us is shaken for the first time by a health scare of these proportions.

A scientist who discovered Ebola has said that a vaccine is what is needed

Italy may begin weapons delivery to Iraq kurds as early as next week

Talking about the international response to what’s happening in Iraq, Italy is among those few countries (along with Germany and France) that will send light weapons to Kurdish forces against Islamic State militants

Italian Defence minister Piotti told a parliamentary committe hearing that logistical preparations were underway and that deliveries worth a total of 1.9 million euros could start from next week.

This follows a decision take at a European level after a Eu meeting held on the 15th of august.

As we can see this is a huge responsability for the Italian government considering the economic crisis the whole country is going through.

Putin and a possible ceasefire in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he is hoping for a peace agreement to be reached between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels by Friday.

Mr Putin urged both sides to stop military action in eastern Ukraine, adding that his views and those of his Ukrainian counterpart were very close.He has drafted a 7 points peace plan outlining his requests to Ukraine

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said they had agreed on a “ceasefire process”

In the recent days Ukraine has shifted the focus of its military operations from fighting pro-russia rebels in the east to defending against a broader incursion by Moscow

Many western countries like Germany and the Uk insist that economic sanctions are working, with Russia now in negative growth. Russia needs America and Europe more than America and Europe need Russia.

The ceasefire should be monitored by OSCE representatives. According to Ukranian officials there has been a reduction in the use of heavy weapons



The Islamic State and how is the international community responding

Speaking in Estonia President Barack Obama has said the US will not be intimidated, after Islamic State militants released a video showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

Another US journalist, James Foley, was similarly killed last month

Separately, the UK held a Cobra meeting yesterday after threats to kill a British hostage who was also shown in the latest video.

US National Security Council spokesperson said that US intelligence agents had “analysed the video and concluded that it is authentic”.

David Cameron has vowed that Islamic State (Isis) will “be squeezed out of existence”. He promised to build a coalition in the region against it that cannot be mistaken for a western-led intervention. Both Tory and Lib Dem see both a moral and a legal case for air strikes in Iraq provided they are requested by the Iraqi government.

The government is very cautious as it doesnt want to repeat what happened with the intervention in Iraq.

Mr. Cameron has aso announced plans to tighten security measures against British citizens that are involved in terrorist activities that are moving in and out of the country.

Details of the scale of the coalition response are ti be discussed at Nato‘s meeting in Newport, Wales, over the next three days, including a meeting of the five leading Nato powers on Friday morning.

The main focus of the Nato Wales summit will be the Ukraine crisis, Afghanistan and the threat posed by the Islamic State after the release of this latest video

Britain will discuss a range of military options for tackling Islamic State (Isis) with the US at the Nato summit, opening in Wales on Thursday, ranging from joining in air attacks in Iraq and possibly Syria, to providing more arms to the Kurds and Iraqi government forces fighting them on the ground.

The British military will also discuss internally and with its US counterparts, following their own failed attempt last month, the realistic chances of special forces mounting a rescue operation to save the Briton threatened by Isis with beheading.