The latest on Ebola


The World Health Organization is to “ramp up” efforts to prevent Ebola spreading beyond the three countries most affected by the deadly virus.

15 African countries are being prioritised.

They will receive more help in areas including prevention and protection.

The WHO said the introduction of Ebola in the US and elsewhere was a matter of concern, but a major outbreak was unlikely given the strength of health systems in the West.

The Us President Barack Obama sounded quite worried when he called for an emergency meeting last wed, after it was announced a second nurse had been infected with the virus after the Eric Duncan died of ebola.

European health ministers met yesterday to assess the situation after it was announced ther could be a possible new case in Paris.

It’s quite interesting to note how much media has been speculating on this, this is something that reminds us of the spread of the swine flu for example. Certainly social media has a role in this. In the Us someone has criticised the way journalists have been reportng on this.

Intersting to think that the Us is shaken for the first time by a health scare of these proportions.

A scientist who discovered Ebola has said that a vaccine is what is needed