The Islamic State piles pressure on Baghdad

Islamic State militants have targeted the Iraq capital Baghad in a new wave of car bombs attacks.In the latest developments the (IS) militant group has been driven out of most of the northern Syrian town of Kobane

As we know the situation changes hour by hour. US-led air strikes have helped push back the militants, with another 14 conducted over the past 24 hours.

This is also possible thanks to Kurdish forces that moved along with the Us led invasion. These Kurdish fighters as we know it are affiiated to the PKK the Kurdistan Workers’ Party which represent around 25% of the Turkish propulation.

They are the enemies of Turkey’s central government as they have been fighting for their autnomy. They want to join fellow fighters in Syria.

But Turkey It has refused to allow free movement for fighters and supplies in and out of the city and has been reluctant to let US forces use its Incirlik air base.

As we know it there is an ongoing crisis in Turkey and that’s why the attention is shifting over there now. It’s interesting to point out how Turkey’s role has become quite controversial.

Some of the fighting is among Kurds, between Turkey’s Islamist Hezbollah group – which backs Islamic State (IS) – and supporters of the PKK, the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is vehemently opposed to IS militants.

Who is Keith Alexander? – meet the “cyber commander”

Keith Alexander

Meet Keith Alexander Nsa Chief and probably the most wanted talked after person on the planet. Despite his imminent resignation, little we know about the real purposes of the gigantic spying activity that has been going untold until Snowden’s latest revelations. Fear of a real terrorist scare or something else?. Indeed what has been said so far about Nsa monitoring Google and Yahoo data seems a bit scary and cannot be justified in the name of security. Same thing about the latest rumours on certain spying activity happening around relevant poltical figures like politicians whose phones had been allegedly hacked by Nsa agents. The latest allegations regarding the possibility of Google being spied by the US government comes as a bit of a shock considering that some of the most important Sylicon Valley enterprises have always backed the use of data. But what if- as when can see now, this activity is turning against them. Waiting for more truth to come out, here is a short profile about Mr. Alexander.